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Trust in the other

What does it mean to love? This is the most urgent question that recent events have provoked, especially in young people. And which calls on all adults. From "Repubblica", the letter of Matteo Severgnini, responsible of GS.

Food For Faith - Book Review

Ten years ago Fr John O’Connor began a blog offering personal reflections inspired by the day’s liturgy readings and from experiences of life and faith. In response to many requests, he has gathered a selection of these reflections into a book.
Fr. David Neuhaus (Catholic Press Photo)

What future for the Holy Land?

Fr. David Neuhaus, a Jesuit scholar based in Jerusalem, explores the origin of the ‘two-state’ solution, testifying to the preciousness of the Christian presence in the region.
Martiros Saryan, 'Ararat and Saint Hripsime Church', 1945

The mystery uses the unknown to attract

A shared Armenian evening with friends in a small town in Luxembourg. Armenian dishes, art and music, to re-discover the "mysterious attractiveness of the beauty and the truth through the unknown."
After the clashes in the Jenin refugee camp, West Bank (Ansa-Zumapress/Mohammed Nasser/APA Images))

Holy Land: Another logic

The war between Hamas and Israel broke out while the CL community was gathered for the Beginning Day. Dialogues, testimonies, tensions. And a discovery.
Tom Gourlay at the Rimini Meeting August 2022

The Religious Sense as a Preparation for Faith

What is the relationship between the religious sense and faith? For Tom Gourlay this question kept emerging in his own experience and in interactions with young students.