Pope Francis: "To weave anew the threads of peace"

Pope Francis' address to members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, wishing "this year to be a call for peace in a world that is witnessing heightened divisions and wars" (January 9, 2023).
Pope Francis and Davide Prosperi during a private audience on January 13 (© Vatican Media/Catholic Press Photo)

Letter from Davide Prosperi after his private audience with Pope Francis

On Friday, January 13, the President of the Fraternity of CL was received by the Holy Father. Prosperi's message to the entire movement after the meeting with Francis.
Pope Benedict XVI visits the shrine of Mary MacKillop in Sydney on July 17, 2008, while in Australia to attend World Youth Day. (Photo: Keryn Bradbury)

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Australia

The communities of Australia came together on several occasions to send greetings to Pope Benedict. He always replied, with a message that was direct and personal.
Charitable work near the Luxembourg station

"The poverty of which we are made"

Food for drug addicts, buying groceries for the needy. In Luxembourg, friends of the community join Fr. Laurent's charitable work: "To encounter Christ who calls through these brothers." From the January issue of Tracce.
Davide Prosperi during the dialogue with Rafael Gerez (Photo: EncuentroMadrid)

“Passion for the person, passion for Christ”

The text of the dialogue with Davide Prosperi about Fr. Luigi Giussani, on the occasion of the Centenary that has just ended. The conversation took place at the EncuentroMadrid, on November 12, 2022.
Benedict XVI on the opening day of the Year of Faith, October 11, 2012 (Catholic Press Photo)

Benedict XVI: "My spiritual testament"

"Jesus Christ is truly the Way, the Truth, and the Life - and the Church, in all her shortcomings, is truly His Body." The words of the Pope Emeritus released by the Holy See.
Pope Francis during the funeral of Benedict XVI (©Ansa/Massimo Percossi)

"Benedict, faithful friend of the Bridegroom"

The Holy Father Francis' homily at the funeral of Pope Emeritus and video of the celebration. St. Peter's Square, January 5, 2023.
Joseph Ratzinger (Photo: Catholic Press Photo)

The childlike giant

The message of Davide Prosperi, president of the Fraternity of CL, to the entire movement on the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.
Benedict XVI during a vacation in the Alps (©Eric Vandeville/akg-images/Mondadori Portfolio)

"The Feeling of Things, the Contemplation of Beauty"

"True knowledge is being struck by the dart of beauty that wounds man, being touched by reality." From the Traces archive, " we republish the speech of the then Cardinal Ratzinger at the 2002 Rimini Meeting.
Benedict XVI, Humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord

Benedict XVI, Humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord

The Pope Emeritus died on the morning of December 31 at 9:34 a.m. We repropose here his inaugural homily and his last General Audience after his resignation in 2013.
Benedetto XVI (Photo: Ansa/Osservatore Romano)

Benedict XVI: "A true giant of faith"

"He was an authentic father of the Church and also a devoted father of every man and woman of this age. Even in sorrow, we are immensely grateful to God for having given us a friend and a guide on our path like him." Davide Prosperi's statement

What moves God is to see hope in men

Every age has those "two parties": the party of those who work, build, love, create, who must endure the other party, that of those who destroy, demolish, use violence, hate. Charles Péguy's words on hope (from "Libero" newspaper, December 17)
Bernardo Cervellera

The new frontier of war

Tension grows in the South China Sea under pressure from Beijing. There is concern in Taiwan. Will it come to arms? But there too, small prophetic gestures are possible. A missionary in Taipei reacts to the CL flyer on peace.