Migrants on a boat heading for Lampedusa (Photo: Ansa-Dpa)

Migrants: "Educating to welcome is possible"

Lampedusa, the arrival of boats, the deaths at sea… and the Pope's speech in Marseilles. Oliviero Forti, head of migration policies at Caritas, speaks: "Humanitarian corridors, an educational model of charity."
Pope Francis blesses the statue of Our Lady Mother of Heaven (Photo: Vatican Media / Catholic Press Photo)

Mongolia: "We are all nomads of God"

The SkyTg24 vaticanist, following the Pope, recounts the apostolic visit to the Asian country. The small flock of 1,500 Catholics, the faithful who came from China and that boy who will receive Baptism at Christmas…
Jimmy Tamba at the Rimini Meeting (Archivio Meeting)

Sierra Leone: the fruit of a friendship

From former child soldier to foster father. Jimmy Tamba recounts his meeting with Fr. Berton, CL and the Nembrini family. "They did not analyze what had happened to me, they made me see the good in the world."

A moved heart changes history

At the Meeting, an Armenian woman bursts into tears in front of images of an ancient Christian monastery restored by the Emir of Sharjah. The video reaches the Emirates and is the beginning of something unimaginable.
Monsignor Giuseppe Baturi

Meeting 2023: The dialogue on the title

'Human existence is an inexhaustible friendship'. The dialogue with Monsignor Giuseppe Baturi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Cagliari and Secretary of the Italian Bishops' Conference, dedicated to the theme of the 44th edition.
The exhibition of Charles Péguy (Archivio Meeting)

My meeting with Charles and Dorothy

A young university graduate recounts her two days in Rimini. Here is what struck and enthused her about what she saw.
The Meeting's exhibition on the Trappist monastery of Azer, Syria (Archivio Meeting))

"Our work and the footprint of God"

They curated and explained the exhibition on the Trappist monastery of Azer, at the Rimini Meeting: the account of the preparation and the days lived by the volunteers who acted as "guides".
Flannery O'Connor

Longing Is the Wisdom of Blood

In honor of the 59th anniversary of the death of Flannery O'Connor (08.03.2023)