Fr. Giussani anniversary masses

Sixteen years since the death of Fr. Giussani, and thirty-nine years since the Papal recognition of the Fraternity of CL, we offer prayerful intentions for masses taking place in Italy and around the world.
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A New World Within the World

A special edition of the New York Encounter will take place February 12-14 with the theme "When reality hits". In anticipation of the new digital Encounter, an interview with Riro Maniscalco, chairman of New York Encounter.
New York Encounter 2021
New York Encounter

New York Encounter: "a hope that always surprises us”

Even though the event took place entirely online, it did not cease to be a place of encounter for the whole United States. Meetings on the figures of Fr. Giussani and Lorenzo Albacete, as well as on the subjects of racism and economic challenges.
Mt Buffalo (Photo: Brian O'Donnell)

Memories of Australia

Some CL visitors to Australia have discovered themselves truly changed by the experience.