Current Events - 2021

Ilaria lecturing

Basel: "Why are you asking me?"

Current Events

Just before the pandemic, Ilaria found out she was pregnant, but that the wife of her PhD student had miscarried. Amid the drama, a dialogue emerged that allowed her to re-discover what allows her to face any circumstance certain and happy.

Timothy Radcliffe (© Catholic Press Photo)

Radcliffe: Nothing human is alien to us

Current EventsGiuseppe Pezzini

Do Christians need the world or must they defend themselves against secularisation? The Oxford Dominican proposes a surprising method: the imagination. This is what allows us to touch the person where they are most alive (from September Tracce).

Pope Francis greets the Slovakian faithful (Photo: Matej Ďuriač)

Bratislava: "Our encounter with Francis"

Current Events

Some signed up as volunteers whilst others sang in the choir. The spectacular sunrise watched alongside young children waiting for the Pope. An account from the small CL community in Slovakia.

Catholic Press Photo

Dicastery for the Laity. The words of Pope Francis

Current EventsPope Francis

The Pope's address to the participants in the meeting of lay associations, ecclesial movements and new communities, organized by the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life.

Pier Alberto Bertazzi

Bertazzi: "The beginning is something that is alive now"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

Julián Carrón's message upon the death of Pier Alberto Bertazzi, one of Fr. Giussani's greatest friends. As a young university student, he was among those who first used the name that ended up becoming the name of our movement.

Photo: Doug Kanter/AFP via Getty Images

September 11, 2001. “God save the world”

Current EventsAlberto Savorana

Twenty years since the attack on the Twin Towers. The world would never be the same again. But how to start over? The words of Fr. Giussani from the days following the attack, taken from his biography.

The embrace between John Paul II and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński (Photo: ServizioFotograficoOR/CPP)

"Were it not for your faith"

Current Events

On September 12, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, the Polish Primate of the "Millennium", will be beatified. His life was a bulwark of Christianity in the face of totalitarianism. From the September issue of Tracce.

CLU vacation in Italy

The beginning of my search

Current Events

Claudia happened "accidentally" to go to the CLU summer vacation. She considers herself agnostic, but accepted the invitation. Something unexpected happened during those days. "Now I have a fire within me that I want to nourish."

The crack and the light

Current Events

Edith Bruck, Jesús Carrasco and Elisa Fuksas. Re-watch the three interviews produced by Traces for the 2021 Rimini Meeting.

World Trade Center Memorial. Flickr

Pain and Judgement

Current EventsMaurizio Maniscalco

When the dramatic dimensions of the tragedy of September 11th began to come into focus, as I watched my fellow New Yorkers I was struck by one thing above all others: the sense of bewilderment and pain

Kabul, Afghanistan (Photo: Sohaib Ghyasi/Unsplash)

Meeting 2021: Afghanistan, Is all lost?

Current Events

With Fernando De Haro, Journalist; Wael Farouq, Professor of Arabic language and literature at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan. Introduced by Roberto Fontolan, manager of International Center of Comunione e Liberazione.

Julián Carrón and Rowan Williams

Meeting 2021: Living without fear in the age of uncertainty

Current Events

Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of CL; Charles Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at McGill University; Rowan Williams, Professor Emeritus of Contemporary Christian Thought at University of Cambridge and former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Javier Prades

Meeting 2021: The courage to say 'I'

Current Events

The meeting on the Meeting's theme with Javier Prades, Rector of the San Damaso University of Madrid. Introduced by Bernhard Scholz, President of the Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples Foundation.

Photo: Roberto Masi

Meeting 2021: Pope Francis' message

Current Events

The words of Cardinal Pietro Parolin with the Holy Father's greeting addressed to the participants, volunteers and organizers of the Rimini Meeting.

Mikel Azurmendi

Message from Julián Carrón on the death of Mikel Azurmendi

Current Events

On August 6, feast of the Transfiguration, Mikel Azurmendi passed away. The words of the leader of CL, who offers everyone the letter in which his great friend asked to join the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.

“The Lord takes care of everything”

Current Events

As a summer vacation for the whole UK community could not be organised this year, the Cambridge community decided to organize a “day-holiday” to end the year together. This is how the day became proof that the Lord takes care of everything...

Meeting 2021: exhibitions

Current EventsPaola Ronconi

The challenge of secularization, TV series, Tolkien, Pasolini, Rose's women... A peak at the exhibitions at this year’s Rimini Meeting, which can be visited both online and in person, by booking through the Rimini Meeting App.