Current Events - 2020

Tokyo: Companionship is at the depth of the I

Current Events

From Switzerland to Japan. Everything around him changes: friends, work, home, language. Then four months of isolation at home. Yet, for Gabriele, it is an opportunity to discover "where the Presence that fills us with life springs from".

Cambridge, UK (Photo: Unsplash/Jean-Luc Benazet)

"Who are you who light this fire in my heart?"

Current Events

Despite being overwhelmed by the struggle of a million things to do, Maria describes how the period of lockdown has magnified the desires of her heart. “This is certainly not my ability but the fruit of Christ’s presence here and now.”

You Only See What you Admire

Current Events

Notes from Beginning of the Year Day for adults and university students of Communion and Liberation, held on September 26, 2020.

A volunteer at the Palacongressi di Rimini

The Madness of the possible

Current EventsAlessandra Stoppa

In this "dizzying moment in history", some snapshots of the unprecedented week in Rimini which unfolded along the lines of what "could not be and is". "The awakening of the human? It is here before our eyes!"

Society is Changed by Those Who Have been Changed Already

Current Events

The US presidential elections, anti-racial protests, and an increasingly polarized country. What is the contribution of Christians today? A conversation with Stanley Hauerwas and John Zucchi to revisit Fr. Giussani’s "From Utopia to Presence."

Father Luigi Giussani circa 1968

His Loving Gaze Changed My Life

Current Events

Five years after the death of the CL founder, a Professor of History in Montreal recalls his friendship with him and the fruits it still bears today.

The Radiance in your eyes

Current Events

Julián Carrón’s latest book, The radiance in your eyes – What saves us from nothingness?, is now available online. “An itinerary rooted in an experience and a history, and thus offers a contribution to the search and expectancy of everyone.”

Julián Carrón

From where does hope originate?

Current Events

Is there a hope that does not depend solely on more favourable circumstances? How can the desire for a better future not be disappointed? The talk by Julián Carrón, president of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.

The 2019 pilgrimage to Czestochowa

Life Presses On

Current EventsJulián Carrón

"The fact we cannot make the pilgrimage to Czestochowa has not erased the irreducible need that inspires it." Summer proposal for high school and college graduates.

Perth (Photo: George Bakos/Unsplash)

Perth: The Gift of Tenderness

Current Events

Lockdown in Australia. At home with his daughters and grandchildren, an apparently ideal situation. Yet it was not easy: “I was forced to take steps”, until his daughter washed his feet on Holy Thursday.

Dublin: “Only Christ Can Fill My Life”

Current Events

The health crisis has paralyzed his language school. An employee asks him, "How can you wake up in the morning not knowing if it is going to end well?" To answer, Mauro remembers the time when he and Margaret slept on a bench…

"Blessed" to be back at church

Current EventsMaria Cecilia Grandi

After more than three months, many Catholics could finally return to Mass across Churches in Australia closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Novena to Saint Roch

Novena to Saint Roch

Current EventsBrian O'Donnell

The communities of Japan and Australia join in a novena praying for protection against Covid-19.

Arlene Gallagher, Rebekah Lamb and Julián Carrón

"A Festival of Humanity"

Current EventsMichela Young

In a presentation of the English translation of "Reawakening Our Humanity", the book's provocations were placed at the centre of a dialogue to better understand what questions have emerged in this period, and how they can be sustained.

A continuous "Here I am"

Current EventsPaola Ronconi

From the May issue of Traces, Fr. Sergio Massalongo, the prior of the Cascinazza monastery, explains how in his experience “our yes to Christ is, before all else, our contribution to the salvation of every man and woman today.”

Carrón: "Let us not deflect the impact with reality"

Current EventsSimone Baroncia

How do you conquer fear? What contribution can Christians make? What challenge does this pandemic pose to faith? The president of the Fraternity discusses the themes of his eBook "Reawakening Our Humanity” with Read the interview.

School learns to educate again

Current EventsLuca Fiore

The health emergency has closed schools, but has not stopped classes. In a meeting organized by the Milan Cultural Centre, teachers and principals talk about the surprises, and the problems, of recent weeks.

"The yes that saves the world"

Current Events

He is a doctor who deals with cancer patients, fighting every day to protect them from the virus. And a smile towards the relatives who wait, "not out of politeness, but out of gratitude." Another letter from the "front line".