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Father John O'Connor's New Zealand-based website has become a great help for many, not only on both sides of the Tasman, but also further afield.
Brian O'Donnell

Father John began the website ten years ago as a reflection on life, the scriptures of the day, and his experience of encountering Christ in his daily life as a diocesan priest. Over the decade since, this ministry has "grown beyond Aotearoa (the Maori name of New Zealand) with almost 3000 written, podcast and video reflections intended as an encouragement for all who seek greater maturity of Christian faith" (from the website).
Food For Faith has recently been established as a Charitable Trust, allowing Father John to concentrate more on content, and delegate administrative and technical tasks to others. Over recent months new arms of the mission have begun such as:
Homily Studio Weekly Podcasts where four people chat together about the scriptures of the upcoming Sunday. This has been especially helpful for preachers, for parish Liturgy Committees, for lectors, and for anyone seeking to prepare for more active participation in the weekly liturgy.
Daily Lectio Divina Podcasts. Twenty-minute guided prayer reflections based on the gospel of the day using the traditional simple Lectio Divina form.
3-minute Video clips and longer video and podcast reflections on a variety of themes including prayer, encountering Christ in daily life, discernment, etc.
Café & Bar gatherings – offering the option for people to initiate a gathering inviting others to meet with them on neutral ground to chat about life in relationship with Christ.
Prayer intentions – a page where people can invite others to pray with them for a particular intention, and receive and email letting them know when someone takes up the invitation.
As financial support for the Food For Faith mission grows, other services such as Online Retreats, feature Video Reflections and a Children’s Page will be offered.

With blogs and many links to other articles and web sites, I find myself often going onto the site with the idea of simply reading the short daily reflection for a few minutes, ending up passing half an hour following a blog or listening to a piece of music linked to the reflection.

The site truly lives up to its name: a source of nutriment for the soul.

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