The Get-Together Flyer

The Journey to Truth. Sharing our Experiences

The Community of CL in Sydney proposes a get-together and discuss how the experiences lived in faith bring us closer to Truth.

A fundamental activity in the life of followers of the charism of Father Luigi Giussani is a regular get-together called a "school of community". This is a moment in which participants share how they live their faith, in particular with respect to some personal event or experince, with reference to a theme which has been taken from a study or previous discusssion.

The Sydney Catch-Up is an occasion both to get together (some of the community live outside Sydney and we can only normally meet via computer links) and to invite others curious to learn more about the charism of the movement, its founder Luigi Giusanni, and meet people from the NSW community.

For those intending to come, please express your interest by completing the form in the following link:

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