School of Community

The School of Community is an educational tool to deepen (in awareness and affection) the experience of the encounter made with the charism. It consists in the reading and personal meditation on a text proposed to the whole Movement, followed by community meetings.
The method used is a constant comparison between the Christian proposal and one’s own life, to continually verify, in the light of one’s experience, its capacity to respond to human needs in every aspect of reality.

In our communities, the School of Community follows the path indicated by Fr. Carrón. Schools are held in the following cities:

- Sydney: weekly meetings are held, normally on Tuesday evenings. Two groups meet, one in the Northern suburbs and the other in the Inner-West. Others connect via Skype. Generally, a combined school/get-together is held once a month on a weekend for the whole community.

- Melbourne: the community meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month. We meet in local parishes or at the Caroline Chisholm Library in the city.

- Perth: regularly every Monday evening, in the homes of friends.

- New Zealand: Tuesday evenings, on Zoom, to allow people in multiple locations to take part.

For further information contact the National Secretary of
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For further information about the method of School of Community, documents published by CL, and Fr. Carrón's monthly School of Community, see here.