Where we are

Communion and Liberation Australia and New Zealand is currently present in the following cities:

- Auckland (NZ)
- Brisbane
- Christchurch (NZ)
- Launceston
- Melbourne
- Newcastle
- Perth
- Sydney

The life of the community is characterized by encounters such as the annual Spiritual Exercises and Beginning Day, cultural events, special moments of community prayer, and excursions. In these occasions we enrich our common response to the call to friendship in Jesus, and our attempt to live the three dimensions of Christian life: culture, mission and charity.

At the centre of everything is School of Community, based on the text indicated each year as a guide. The unified journey of faith of the Movement throughout the world is rooted in this.

The Spiritual Exercises and the Beginning Day are held once a year and are a privileged moment for the identification with the charism of CL and for a personal ascesis. When mentioning the Spiritual Exercises Father Giussani recommended that the three-day-long retreat be organized in such a way that it also had a significant aesthetic impact.

Cultural events such as organising a display on the life of Father Giussani or participating actively within larger cultural societies.

Moments of prayer may be simply all meeting at Sunday Mass or starting a dinner with friends by reciting the Angelus.

In some of the cities get-togethers and outings are periodically organised as a way of both sharing together the beauty of our country and the beauty of this friendship, spending time together with our families and friends in a very informal atmosphere.

In the experience of CL, charitable work aims at teaching, through faithfully performing an exemplary gesture, that the ultimate law of existence is charity, gratuitousness. There are numerous charitable activities in which members of the movement are involved such as teaching catechism to children, bringing Holy Communion to the elderly in nursing homes, active participation in parish life, volunteering with the St Vincent De Paul Society.

For further information contact the National Secretary of
Australia and New Zealand (cl.australia.newzealand@gmail.com).