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Kabul, Afghanistan (Photo: Sohaib Ghyasi/Unsplash)

Meeting 2021: Afghanistan, Is all lost?

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With Fernando De Haro, Journalist; Wael Farouq, Professor of Arabic language and literature at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan. Introduced by Roberto Fontolan, manager of International Center of Comunione e Liberazione.

Julián Carrón and Rowan Williams

Meeting 2021: Living without fear in the age of uncertainty

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Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of CL; Charles Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at McGill University; Rowan Williams, Professor Emeritus of Contemporary Christian Thought at University of Cambridge and former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Javier Prades

Meeting 2021: The courage to say 'I'

Current Events

The meeting on the Meeting's theme with Javier Prades, Rector of the San Damaso University of Madrid. Introduced by Bernhard Scholz, President of the Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples Foundation.

Photo: Roberto Masi

Meeting 2021: Pope Francis' message

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The words of Cardinal Pietro Parolin with the Holy Father's greeting addressed to the participants, volunteers and organizers of the Rimini Meeting.

Mikel Azurmendi

Message from Julián Carrón on the death of Mikel Azurmendi

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On August 6, feast of the Transfiguration, Mikel Azurmendi passed away. The words of the leader of CL, who offers everyone the letter in which his great friend asked to join the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.

“The Lord takes care of everything”

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As a summer vacation for the whole UK community could not be organised this year, the Cambridge community decided to organize a “day-holiday” to end the year together. This is how the day became proof that the Lord takes care of everything...

Meeting 2021: exhibitions

Current EventsPaola Ronconi

The challenge of secularization, TV series, Tolkien, Pasolini, Rose's women... A peak at the exhibitions at this year’s Rimini Meeting, which can be visited both online and in person, by booking through the Rimini Meeting App.

Photo: Luca Fiore

Kharkov responds to Madrid

Current Events

Notes from the assembly of CL communities in Eurasia with Fr. Carrón, a “long-distance dialogue” catalyzed by the challenge posed by Rosa Montero in El País. What makes the here and now a beginning and not the end? From July/August 'Traces'.

The meeting of education at the Loano Pre Meeting

If education is full of hope

Current EventsFrancesca Gargantini

A dialogue between Fr. Pigi Banna and writer Eraldo Affinati at the Loano Pre Meeting. The topic was the relationship with young people, both in and outside of school, struggling with the difficulties and the novelties brought on by the pandemic.

The presentation of the Meeting in Rome

Meeting 2021: The presentation in Rome

Current EventsSilvia Guidi

The 42nd edition will open its doors on August 20. On Tuesday, in the Italian Embassy to the Holy See, President Bernhard Scholz and other guests discussed what we will find in Rimini.

The meeting at the Loano Pre Meeting

The challenge of the instant

Current EventsBernardo Cedone

A dialogue between Julián Carrón and philosopher Costantino Esposito at the Loan Pre Meeting on Carrón’s latest book, "Is There Hope?".

What is asked of us?

Current Events

CL Canada statement regarding the discoveries of unnamed graves at the residential schools in Kamloops (B.C.) and Marieval (Sk).

The Benedictine monks of the Cascinazza in prayer (© Monastero Cascinazza)

Cascinazza: fifty years like the first day

Current EventsFather Sergio Massalongo

On June 29 1971, the Benedictine monastery on the outskirts of Milan was born. The prior describes the purpose and experience of this place. A story whose "origin is now".

Photo: Unsplash/Artem Maltsev

The continuous task of being true

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More than forty years of teaching celebrated with colleagues and with a letter to his students. A story made up of faces, moments, even mistakes. And a gaze that has changed over time.

Awards for the best theses on Fr. Giussani

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The Fraternity of CL will grant two awards for theses that help promote the knowledge of the founder's work. Those who are finishing a Master's degree or doctorate can apply.

The Pope in Hiroshima

"No to nuclear weapons"

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The Fraternity of CL joins the appeal to the Italian Government and Parliament for Italy to sign the "Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons", as repeatedly requested by the Pope. Here is the document and the list of signatories.

Photo: Alevision/Unplash

Today, here, now

Current EventsRosa Montero

The provocation of a well-known Spanish journalist. She sees the crowds return to the streets at night, the burning desire to possess life. But how many go to bed happy? Why do we not learn from what happens? (from El País, May 23 2021).