Current Events - giovedì 22 dicembre 2022

Adriana Mascagni and Fr. Giussani (Photo: Fraternità di CL)

Message for the death of Adriana Mascagni

Current EventsDavide Prosperi

Davide Prosperi's words in memory of the writer of so many songs that have marked CL's history, such as Povera voce, Il mio volto, and Al mattino. "Let us not hide her legacy under rocks, for it is given to us for more."

Charles Péguy (Photo: Eugène Pirou/Wikimedia Commons)

What moves God is to see hope in men

Current EventsAntonio Socci

Every age has those "two parties": the party of those who work, build, love, create, who must endure the other party, that of those who destroy, demolish, use violence, hate. Charles Péguy's words on hope (from "Libero" newspaper, December 17)